A brand-new home! Who hasn’t dreamed of creating the perfect home from
scratch and moving into a space that no one has ever lived in before?
There’s something special about a fresh home, but remember, new doesn’t
mean perfect. And it certainly does not mean that there won’t be
imperfections, small or large, to contend with.

One of the most important things to understand up front is what does your
warranty cover? A builder’s warranty covers typical defects and other
problems, but the fine print outlines timelines, procedures, and limitations.
A thorough reading prior to closing will clarify how to handle any issues that
arise when you move in.

When you are ready to move in, your checklist will differ from a typical
resale home. First, always have an independent home inspection, just as
you would if you purchased a used home. Alert the builder immediately of
anything that the inspection uncovers. During the final walk-through, you
will also want to make sure the home was completed correctly; are the light
switches level, are the floors even, is the paint free from nicks and
scratches? You are buying a new home and it should look new.

Buying a new home is exciting. The good news is that most issues are
minor and can be quickly corrected by the builder or home warranty
company when discovered. No need to panic when imperfections show up.