One of the most common questions from home sellers is, “do I really need
to put my family pictures away”? The short answer is “yes,” but maybe not
for the reasons you assume. The general principle is that buyers need to
be able to visualize their own lives in the home in order to buy the house.
There is nothing new about this, but in this complicated age of security
challenges, there are also safety reasons to remove your items before

10 Things to Remove

1. Excess Furniture – Consider removing extra chairs, ottomans, side
tables, etc., anything unnecessary.

2. Family Photos – You do not know who is coming through your home;
protect your family by removing any identifiable pictures, awards,
certificates, etc.

3. Personal Items/Collectables – The focus may drift to these items rather than the home itself.

4. Laptops and Cell Phones – Anything easily picked up and removed
should be safely stowed.

5. Jewelry – Again, anything of value should be secured out of sight.

6. Important Files and Papers – Hide any papers that may have
banking or social security numbers that can be used for fraudulent

7. Firearms – Protect yourself and others by securing any firearms.

8. Clutter – Nothing new here, keep the home clean.

9. Half of All Décor – Think about removing about half of any
decorative items such as pillows, vases, books, etc.

10. Pets – Keep your pets safe and away from visitors.

If you’re ready to start showing your home, take a little time to
depersonalize can not only help your buyers see the potential of the home
for their lives, but protect yourself and your family as well.