Everyone is looking for ways to save on energy costs. Many people have
had to change the way they behave – larger laundry loads, fewer lights in
the evening, fans vs air conditioning – and even more have looked to
alternative options, such as solar.

These methods are not always easy or
inexpensive, at least not up front. The great news is that there is an
inexpensive and eco-friendly way to heat your pool this summer and save
hundreds of dollars in the process by using solar pool rings.

Solar pool rings are floating devices that contain UV-resistant vinyl material
that traps the heat to warm the pool without using the heater. The rings are
made of 2 layers. The top layer guides the sun to the lower layer which
converts the rays to heat.


Not only do these rings effectively trap and
disperse heat to the water, but they also reduce evaporation, saving money
on water bills. Solar pool rings can also be effective as barriers against
backyard debris, which can throw the chemical balance off.

Solar pool rings typically come in sets of 6 and most pools can be covered
for less than about $400. They are simple to inflate/deflate for storage and
are suitable for all pool types. While solar rings will never heat a pool as
quickly as a pool heater, with regular use and plenty of sunshine, these
devices save money and extend the pool season in most climates.