Most homebuyers don’t regret becoming homeowners. In fact, owning a
home is one of the biggest contributors to lifestyle satisfaction. But this
doesn’t mean that these homebuyers don’t have regrets about their buying
choices. Most new homeowners will happily share some of the mistakes
they made and how they could have avoided them.

Fortunately, you don’t need to learn from your own mistakes. Here are the 7
most common homebuyer regrets.

1. Spending Too Much – There’s nothing wrong with stretching a little but
overpaying for what you really need is the largest regret most new
homebuyers have.

2. Not Shopping for a Mortgage – With interest rates on the rise, it’s
important to take the time to look at all mortgage options before choosing.

3. Rushing into the Home Purchase – In a competitive market, it may
feel like you need to move quickly, but some homeowners later regret the
house, the neighborhood, or the city later.

4. Miscalculating the Cost of Homeownership – There are a lot of extra
costs to homeownership: maintenance, repairs, upgrades, taxes,
insurance, etc.

5. Underestimating the Time or Cost of Renovations – Oh those HGTV
shows that make renovations and upgrades look easy. Often, new
homeowners find they are incapable of doing the work and wind up with
half-finished or poorly completed work.

6. Choosing a Home That Doesn’t Fit – It’s easy to fall in love with a
great view or chef’s kitchen, but if you need 4 bedrooms, then buy a home
with 4 bedrooms.

7. Not Using an Agent – It’s more common than you think for a
homebuyer to walk through an open house and use the seller’s agent to
“save money.” They may get a small credit due to lower commission, but
they lose having their own advocate in the process.

No one wants to look back at their home purchase and have regrets.
Consider these common mistakes before you head out, so you can buy the
right home at the right price for your needs.