Creating a health and wellness room in your home can be a positive step in
prioritizing your well-being and fitness. A step beyond just room for an
exercise bike, this room should include areas for reflection and calm. A
place where you remove distractions and can focus on yourself.

Any spare space can be transformed into a health and wellness room. A
spare bedroom, converted garage, or loft are great options. The room
should have plenty of natural light and be located away from high-traffic

Design the layout of your wellness room by functionality. Have an exercise
area where you can place treadmills or weights. Add area rugs or yoga
mats for floor exercises and meditation. Choose soothing colors for the
room. A soft sage green or subtle sky blues add a soothing yet energizing

If space permits, add a comfortable chair where you can relax after a
workout or when you need a break from your busy day. Use minimal décor
and use natural materials as treatments. Add plants to incorporate the
sense of nature and add curtains that allow light to filter in.

Finally, invest in technology. A screen that allows you to watch movies or a
fitness routine during high-intensity workouts can help you power through
hard workouts. Meanwhile, a sound system that can play spa music or
brown noise during meditation can help center your thoughts for a calming

By creating a dedicated health and wellness room in your home, you will
find it easier to find time to focus on yourself. Creating a room that you love
being in, is the best way to ensure you prioritize your health and
incorporate these routines into your lifestyle.