Everyone has heard about home decorators or designers, but have you
heard about home stylists? No, it’s not just a fancy way of saying the same
thing. A home stylist can transform your living space from ordinary to
something extraordinary. A professional home stylist works with you on
everything from simple aesthetic changes to functional improvements. All
are designed to create a home environment that is more beautiful and
enhances lifestyle.

The first thing a professional home stylist will do is to understand your
personality and goals for your home. They may bring style books to prompt
conversation. Then they will tour the space and take a mental inventory of
the available décor and furniture. Everything from family heirlooms to
treasured mementos can find room in your design. The goal is always to
enhance your environment, without losing your personal style.

Home stylists can also help optimize space, declutter, build storage, or
redecorate an entire room. Ideal for smaller projects, like a simple powder
makeover or closet storage system, a home stylist can offer design advice
that takes the do-it-yourself project to another level.

A home stylist is well-versed in the latest trends and will work with you to
incorporate these concepts into designs that complement your unique
desires. They take the guesswork out of making changes by learning your
tastes before they offer suggestions. They will also have recommendations
for craftsmen and contractors who can transform the ideas into reality.

By using the items you already have, a home stylist is a cost-effective
option for updating your home without losing your personality in the