Selling your home is a significant step and one of large financial
consequences. Of course, you want to maximize your profit to allow you to
achieve your future goals. You are aware that you need to make sure the
home is in good condition and has “curb appeal,” but there are some
commonly overlooked items to address before you list.

5 Commonly Overlooked Items

1. Light Fixtures and Bulbs – Burned-out bulbs or non-functioning
outlets and fixtures can negatively impact a buyer’s perception of your

2. HVAC System – Before you list, have your heating, ventilation, and
air-conditioning (HVAC) system serviced. Change the filters and ensure all
is in good working condition.

3. Plumbing – Slow drains or running toilets are red flags for buyers.
Snake your drains and replace old fixtures. Check for leaks and make any
needed repairs before buyers notice issues.

4. Paint Touch-Ups – Most of the time a full repaint is not necessary but
review high-traffic areas for signs of wear and tear. If possible, touch-up
walls, banisters, and other areas where fingerprints or dirt is present.

5. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Replace batteries and test
all sensors. Not only is this important to buyers, but properly functioning
detectors are important safety features for you and your family as well.

These items will be essential elements of the home inspection once you
have a contract with a potential buyer. They may notice during the home
visit, but by addressing them upfront, you avoid the questions during the
inspection period and reassure your buyers that the home has been cared
for and is in good condition.